duminică, 6 martie 2016

How to Make a Girl Like You: 10 Things Every Woman Loves From Men

Not only do women put their questions regarding the best way to conquer the man they love. In the same situation they find hard sex representatives aka men, who sometimes have to learn seriously to improve their tactics of conquest. For them, we have prepared a short list that will certainly be helpful. If you are doing part of the men who found their choice, but do not know how to attract attention, here are 10 tips on how to make a girl like you.

10 secrets to conquer a woman from the Tao System

1. Young, and mature women, like presentable men , so it does not hurt to wear clothes ironed be trimmed and shaved or if you enjoy having beards to be one cared. In addition, a good perfume can make the difference. Once entering the room you will see and you will pass near her, her eyes will follow you everywhere.

2. Want to make a girl like you? Tackle her in an elegant way, aside from hanging cues that might arouse laughter, making her the first refuse you. Proves that you have manners and try to approach from a simple fact and desire to help them lead a bag very heavy, if it's neighbor, or take something off the shelf highest office, if you it is mate.

3.In case that you know for a long time, look at it carefully and see if he made a new look lately. If the answer is yes, complimenting her and will surely feel the center of attention.

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4. Praise and intelligence! Women want to feel appreciated not only in terms of your look but also the way they think.

5. Before going on a date with her, try to find out something about hobbies you have and open a discussion on this. Girl of your dreams will be impressed!

6. Here is another secret related to how to make a girl like you: invite her to a meeting and serve it with a preparation ready for you. The fair sex are impressed by the quality and not be a romantic dinner in true sense of the word, but can be a little culinary surprise.

7. Any girl will be attracted to a man who shows little sensitivity. No need to cry any romantic film, but if he sees any pet cocker sympathetic keep them echoed. Watch out, though, that too much tenderness hurt.

8. Your phone is ringing when you are in a meeting? Ignore it! It will make them feel important.

9. If you go with a group of friends and you meet the girl of your dreams, which is also accompanied by best friend, do not limit yourself to her in person discussions. Try to socialize with them and, who knows, maybe you'll learn something about the one that interests you.

10. Be more relaxed and permanent look in her eyes! Do not look away when you talk to her, because you have the feeling that she hiding something or you're very shy, which is not an asset when you want to conquer a girl. In addition, not be stressed, try wearing a discussion interspersed with small smiles and jokes, to show him that you have an open-minded and do not you lack a sense of humor.

Now that you know how to make a girl to like you, and discover how kissing each person depending on the sign!